Promoting Tech Inclusivity For People With Disabilities

Salifu Zeba smiling at the camera

People with Disabilities (PWDs) have been historically marginalized and excluded from many industries, including the tech industry. However, there is a growing movement to create more opportunities for PWDs in tech. One organization taking part in this is AmaliTech. The organization offers training programmes in various aspects of IT, including software development and web development. The training is designed to equip young talent with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the tech industry and provide them with job opportunities.

AmaliTech’s approach is unique in that it also focuses on creating a supportive environment for PWDs. At AmaliTech we have various initiatives in place including providing sign language interpreters and partnering with crucial organizations. Additionally, AmaliTech works closely with the Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations to ensure that its programmes are inclusive and meet the needs of PWDs.

One of the most significant benefits of AmaliTech is that it provides PWDs with the opportunity to break into the tech industry, which has traditionally been a difficult field for PWDs to enter.

Another benefit of AmaliTech is that it helps to change the narrative around PWDs in the tech industry. PWDs are often seen as passive recipients of aid or charity, but AmaliTech shows that PWDs can be active and productive members of the tech industry. By providing PWDs with the opportunity to develop their skills and contribute to the industry, AmaliTech is challenging the stereotype of PWDs as helpless or dependent.

My name is Salifu Zeba, and I proudly work as a quality assurance engineer at AmaliTech. My experiences here are a testament to the profound impact and effectiveness of the organization’s initiatives. As one of the pioneer PWDs trained by AmaliTech, I’ve evolved and become an indispensable asset to our team.

My visual impairment often made it challenging to secure employment opportunities. However, driven by passion for greater achievements, I eventually discovered AmaliTech. In a span of six months, I developed my skills in software development and quality assurance.

After completing the programme, I was offered a position at AmaliTech. In this role, I am responsible for ensuring our software products meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. I bring a distinct perspective and acute attention to detail that contributes to the value of the AmaliTech team.

My journey at AmaliTech is just one example of how AmaliTech is changing lives and creating opportunities for PWDs in the tech industry. The organization’s focus on training, support, and inclusivity is making a real difference in the lives of PWDs in Ghana and beyond. As more organizations follow AmaliTech’s lead, we can expect to see more PWDs breaking down barriers and achieving their dreams in the tech industry.

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