Our Diversity is Our Magic!

We have five fundamental beliefs that drive our business, shape our culture, and guide our actions:

At AmaliTech, we embrace diversity, foster collaboration, pursue excellence with integrity, and ignite our work with a burning passion.

We Empower Women!

Unfortunately, there are many factors that hinder girls and women from considering a career in the ICT sector. At AmaliTech, we are committed to closing the gender gap in ICT by actively fostering young African women in tech, and by creating digital career opportunities for women in Ghana and Rwanda.


Women Bootcamps


Mentorship Programmes

We Empower Persons With Disabilities (PWD)

According to the World Health Organization, 15% of the people in the world are living with disabilities. At AmaliTech, it is our goal to break down barriers that are currently hindering persons with disabilities to pursue a path in the ICT sector.


Providing Special Learning Software and Assistive Technologies


Providing a Sign Language Interpreter

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