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Feel free to send us a message explaining how we can support you. Whether it is an initial idea or a concrete project plan – We are glad to help!


Once we receive your message we will set up a meeting to get to know each other and discuss your idea.


We will sharpen your project idea and vision for project execution. By the end of this iterative process, you will receive a proposal that is adapted to your challenges and needs.


Once you approve we will start setting up your project – introducing your new team of highly qualified tech experts and setting up project management tools for effective communication. Our flexible staffing model allows us to adapt your team according to changing needs throughout the project.

Our Services

Microservices & Architecture

Microservices & Architecture​

Advisory & Consulting Service

System Design & Support
Quality Assurance
Technical Feasibilty Study
System Audit
System Security
DevOps Service

Cloud Migration
Cloud Security

Data Services

Data Entry & Cleaning
Data Visualisation
Data Mining
Data Analytics

Software Development

Mobile Application Development
Web Application Development
Website Development
Integrated Systems Development

Software Maintenance and Testing

Software Validation & Verification
Test Planning
Test Automation

Our expertise


iOS(Swift,Objective C)               C#
Hybrid(Javacript, Dart)             Java
Android(Java, Kotlin)                SQL
JavaScript                                    HTML5
Python                                          C++
PHP                                               R
Solidity                                         Ruby
VB.NET                                         CSS


Ionic                                Django
Flutter                            Express.Js
Spring MV                     NodeJs     
Ruby                               Angular.js
Spring Boot                  Protractor
J2EE                                Junit
Hibernate                      React
Maven                            Mockito
JSP/Sevlets                   Cucumber
Selenuim                      ASP.NET
Struts                             Ranorex


            AppCode                        Android Studio
            Intellij                              Glassfish
            Netbeans                       IDEA
            Eclipse                            Wordpress
            Dropthings                   .NET framework
            Jmeter                            Joomla
            Katalon Studios            Test Director
            Labs                                 Tableau
            Power                              BI  Juputer
            Gradle                              Git
            Docker                             Juputer
            Jenkins                            Apache Tomcat
            Basis                                 AWS
            Buddy                              Microsoft Azure




Your Questions and Our Answers

It is a minimum requirement for our employees to have a bachelor’s degree in various IT/Tech related fields (minimum of an HND in ICT for Software Testing). Our tech experts have enrolled in the AmaliTech Training Academy and successfully completed 6 months of IT/digital training with educational course programs from universities such as MIT, University of Maryland and UBC, Vancouver.
Furthermore, we are collaborating with numerous IT partners in Germany who can provide the necessary support, if needed.

To guarantee a smooth project execution we have a set of tools in place, including Agile and DevOps that will contribute to an efficient implementation of your project. Continuous virtual team meetings and use of collaboration platforms will provide you with the necessary tools to stay up to date at any point in time.

We are very happy that you are considering taking on a project with us. Of course, we want to ensure that you are happy with the project outcomes and business process along the way. Therefore, we have incorporated a value-based pricing model.

We have incorporated continuous feedback loops to ensure that you are satisfied with your AmaliTech Services team, project management and project execution.
Furthermore, our flexible staffing model allows us to adapt the team to your changing needs during the project.

We have various measures in place to ensure that your intellectual property rights are not infringed, including continuous technical monitoring of all data usage and transfers.
Your data will be distributed at a “as to know” basis. This means that team members will only have access to your data, if deemed necessary. Furthermore, non-disclosure agreements will be signed by your AmaliTech Services team, prior to project start.
In the unlikely case that your company’s intellectual property is misused, our liability insurance will cover any damages caused by our tech experts.

Your project will be handled on a secure cloud hosting server – specifically encrypted to ensure maximum security.

As a multinational company, our headquarters of AmaliTech Services are located in Cologne, Germany and our tech experts are situated in Ghana, with one office in Takoradi. Minimal time difference of 1 hour allows for a close collaboration with your team.

We have come to find that African and Western cultures work together very well, in terms of communication methods and values. The educational system in Ghana allows for our tech experts to acquire fluent verbal and written communication skills in English. Our diverse team is highly motivated and proactive in their way of working to ensure that you are satisfied with the execution of your project. We encourage a working culture, where misunderstandings are handled openly. This way, we will be able to give our team a chance to further strengthen their cross-cultural competencies.

AmaliTech Services’ mission is to bridge the digital skills gap between Europe and Africa. Surplus, generated through your project will be reinvested into our social business, AmaliTech. This will, in turn, fund network growth, local community support and our AmaliTech Training Academy to empower the next generation of technology leaders.