“At AmaliTech, You Never Stop Learning; You Never Stop Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself”.

Hope Ewudor Talks About His Experience At AmaliTech

Role: Data Scientist

Functional Roles: Product Owner and Project Manager

What does your everyday working life at AmaliTech look like?

My name is Hope Ewudor, and I engage in a broad spectrum of activities at AmaliTech. I work with three major project teams – from data acquisition to data analytics, and guiding teams and departments to make data-driven decisions. These are my core responsibilities. Moreover, I am involved in product design (e.g., TheFairWork), and I am the project lead on the Digital Innovation Programme, one of our programmes to provide Ghanaian youth with the opportunity to acquire digital skills and to become highly employable.

It has been an exciting journey working here at AmaliTech, and for me, personally, the greater the challenge, the higher the motivation.

Regarding my research activities, we (my team and I) try hard to understand every team or department’s problems. Based on these problems, we identify solutions and recommendations through synthesizing and setting highlights relevant to mitigate challenges or concerns as we advance to help them make better decisions.

Hope Ewudor smiling at the camera

What do you like best about working at AmaliTech?

Acquiring skills is not enough. Having to put these skills into practice is what really defines whether you are proficient in those particular skills that you have developed or not. AmaliTech not only provides you with the exposure to practice the various skills you have acquired but also gives you more challenges; as you are working on various topics and you reach hurdles, you can jump over these hurdles and then move on, one step at a time. I find this experience crucial because you never stop learning; you never stop becoming a better version of yourself.

Sometimes it’s challenging when trying to figure out how to fix an issue, but you keep trying, and most importantly because you don’t work in isolation, but instead in a team, you always get help. That is really the fun part: working with people with amazing expertise and learning from them.

What are your personal/professional goals (at AmaliTech)?

I think the organization’s ability to create value is critical in this economy. I don’t see myself just working, but I see myself adding up to the value that the company is creating; from providing digital skills to retaining top performance from trainees who start their careers in our offices and who work on projects – I see myself as part of that.

When I first heard about AmaliTech, I felt “this company is doing a great thing for African youth, and I would like to be part of this story.”

Working to create value – that is my ultimate goal. It also fits my career objectives as I would like to run an IT company someday. Creating value is the key thing. It also helps me perform client-deliverables in excellent ways, which helps the company in the long run in terms of revenue creation, and also in creating value for the lives of other people who are in the pipeline of talent.

What is it like working with different cultures?

At AmaliTech, it is exciting that we have different cultures, e.g., Rwandans, Germans, and Ghanaians.

One interesting and funny thing that happens even today is how different cultures answer the question, “How is your day going?”. A Ghanaian would say “good”, “great”, or “It’s ok”. A Rwandan would probably answer it this way: “Well, everything is fine. I’m working on this and that, …” When it comes to a German, he would say “Well, I’m doing great, but the weather is so cold”. I love it!

One exciting thing about having to work with different cultures is the fact that here at AmaliTech, we get to learn from our differences. Our diversity and collaboration is our magic.

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