"At AmaliTech, I Have The Opportunity To Grow And Develop My Abilities – That’s What I Like Best About Working At AmaliTech".

Linda Kumah Talks About Her Experience At AmaliTech

Linda Kumah smiling at the camera

What does your everyday working life at AmaliTech look like?

My name is Linda Kumah, and I am a Software Tester at AmaliTech. When I start my working day at 7:30 a.m. (GMT), the first thing I do is to get an overview of the tasks I have to complete, the ones I accomplished the day before, and if there is anything outstanding that needs to be completed.

With the current project I’m working on, we have daily meetings as a team where we discuss the status of the project – what we’re doing in the sprints, what has already been done, and what is still ahead of us. If there are any challenges that team members are facing, it is the opportunity to let the other team members know about them and get some help.

As a Software Tester, when a sprint starts, I spend time getting myself acquainted with the requirements of the project and writing down the test cases, which helps us with our test execution. On other days, I test the products to make sure they meet all the requirements, and I report any errors or bugs to the developers so they can be fixed. Also, we have sprint reviews or sprint retrospectives where we all come together as a team and have discussions about what we have done in the sprints so far and make an agreement on whether everything went well or not and how we can resolve the problems.

What do you like best about working at AmaliTech?

At AmaliTech, I have the opportunity to grow and develop my abilities – that’s what I like best about working at AmaliTech. In addition to what you do as your main profession, you can take courses to improve both your hard and soft skills. Besides courses that help me improve my test-taking skills, there are also others designed to improve my communication and leadership skills, for example.

What are your personal/professional goals (at AmaliTech)?

When I joined AmaliTech, I was looking for professional development, for a career, and I have one now. My goal is to become an expert in my field in the next few years.

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