Working at AmaliTech as a Software Developer

“How and what does it all mean, Nathaniel Cobbinah?” I ask myself. Taking charge of my life’s decisions has been one of the dilemmas for me throughout my maturity phase. From buying a particular brand of item, performing chores before assignments and projects, all the way to choosing a course of study from secondary schooling years to tertiary. I do appreciate most of the circumstances to make the best use of them, since being adaptive in most situations is what contributes to my exuberant enjoyment of life, making me confident always. Better yet, to stay relevant in this day and age, not just economically but above all socially, you will need to have the ability to constantly learn and reinvent yourself.

On being recruited as a Software Developer and Engineer trainee at AmaliTech, pursuing my career goals has not been any easier: finding the best solutions that achieves business goals sooner for individuals and corporate organizations, as well as our top priority – establishing a positive connection with our clients.

Nathaniel Cobbinah smiling at the camera

Germany and Ghana, both countries composed of a stew of landscapes, people, and cultures, together with a flurry of ethnicities, creeds, and nationalities, serve as a great avenue for learning to improve one’s view of the world, repertoire, tolerance level of different personalities and de rigueur custom practices by its communities. As such, AmaliTech’s collaboration with nexum, seems like a convivial affair from my perspective because it’s helping create a motley working environment which I find myself to be part of and relish.

“I am of the view that consistent improvement is key to staying adaptable and versatile in this industry, coupled with having the requisite knowledge of best practices, tools, and processes in order to build better computer systems.”

Having been introduced to the Salesforce Platform, with emphasis on the B2C commerce cloud development module (both development and testing), together with our certification attainment, is not a smoking gun for us, but it surely shows there’s a distinct whiff of cordite in the air, which is an encouraging sign suggesting to one that, in working with AmaliTech and nexum, one should keep improving in all aspects relevant to providing growth and values both to the organization and oneself – each individual’s interest and growth is taken as a linchpin in computing the overall benchmark for project success in our organization and collaborations.

A trip to a day in my life as a developer would mainly centre on sprint meetings, project overviews, meetings with management, and programming on the task at hand, all together spiced up with discussion on topics both technical and non-technical, helping to obtain new knowledge, and understanding school of thought processes of other individuals (work colleagues) to which they are attuned. Generally, my ideal mornings begin with watching news broadcast channels to acclimatize myself with the world events, go for short early morning jogs coupled with strength training exercises, all done between a two-hour period from 4am to 6am before getting to work on time at 7:30 am. After sprint reviews and project discussions with team leads and scrum masters, most of our time is spent delivering on the task at hand. The work variety at AmaliTech makes programming fun, as developers are sometimes given the role of software testers and vice-versa, for a period of a few days or more, which in my opinion, helps us to write better code.

Team working on projects, I must say, is not a simple task as one will voice out from instinct, divide and assign small tasks to each individual, and group them together at the end, so as to achieve a working product. The question to ask is, how does one project the intricacies of a project to the minute detail, to get an understanding of where to start from in the project development cycle?  Well, with the guidance of project managers from both AmaliTech and nexum, their collaboration makes project development look effortless, the reason being that a project is analyzed carefully to avoid software runaway or its death march. When the project is deemed feasible and is in development phases, the project chessboard is surveyed with as much clarity as the gods on Mount Olympus, who look through the clouds and see the end of all things. Thus, one is not left out to get into a position that leads to a late project delivery – not forgetting its costwise. The pins, forks, and skewers are all pointed out in the development and delivery phases with the use of version control systems, its best practices are not limited to, but comprising of rebasing, branching, etc., and proliferated with the adaptation of agile software development methodologies.

Two amalitech employees working at their desk

If there’s one thing that has impacted my life being part of this collaboration, then it’s the room of acceptance for new and innovative initiatives contributing to the success of our intercultural communication in meetings, project delivery, and happy hour moments, where we get to know each other. Even though virtually, this has helped contribute to the extreme self-confidence of my personality both online and in person.

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