A Journey Of Quality Assurance By Our Software QA Engineer

Samuel Mawuli Azumah smiling at the camera

Hi, my name is Samuel Mawuli Azumah, and I am a Software QA Engineer at AmaliTech. Today, I invite you to get a glimpse of my daily activities, which include various tasks, processes, and challenges in this dynamic and ever-evolving field of software quality assurance.

The Role of a QA Engineer

Every day, I work with a primary objective in mind: to ensure the software we build is of the highest quality. This involves a range of tasks from gathering requirement specifications to actively contributing to team discussions. One of my key responsibilities is liaising between the development team and the Product Owner to prevent misunderstandings, defects, and bugs, which comes from not just identifying issues but understanding the product deeply.

Starting on a New Project

Whenever I step into a new project, I start by immersing myself in the front-end documentation and the project’s test plan. This crucial step helps me gain a thorough understanding of the product and its intended behavior. In addition, exploratory testing provides a hands-on experience that contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the product.

Workflow and Project Development

In my current project, we release products incrementally after every sprint, following a well-structured, iterative process. This approach allows us to ensure that each feature meets the standard we set for ourselves before moving forward.

Tool Selection

The choice of testing tools depends heavily on the project specifics. I often use Postman for API testing due to its user-friendly interface, and when working with JavaScript-based platforms, Webdriver.io or Cypress become my go-to tools.

Pre-Launch Checks

Before launching a software product, it’s my responsibility to ensure that each component meets the Acceptance Criteria. To ensure this, we perform testing in the staging environment and further checks in the development environment, utilizing both automated scripts and hands-on examination.

International Projects and Agile Testing

I recently contributed to an international project where I suggested adopting Agile methodologies, leading to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. It had a significant impact, as the client reported no failures in production.


Being a Software QA Engineer at AmaliTech is a journey of continuous learning, collaboration, and growth. It’s a role where I constantly liaise between teams, explore new methodologies, and most importantly, ensure the product aligns with its Acceptance Criteria. The satisfaction derived from making a meaningful contribution to a product’s success fuels my passion for this field each day.

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